Wednesday, September 21, 2011

This Ones For My Momma!

“I’ll love you forever. I’ll love you for always. As long as I’m living my baby you’ll be.” I grew up listening to these words as my mother would read her favorite book at my bed side. I used to laugh every time that picture of the baby flushing the watch came up, because my mom had told me stories about my own flushing adventures.

I grew up very close to my mom, granted we were touch and go through a few of those early teen years, but overall I told my mom everything. Through all of life’s struggles and ups and downs my optimistic mother always kept my head up with her life lessons and wisdom. She always told me I was strong, beautiful, and confident. These pep talks gained the name “The Wiley Woman Speech” after a few rounds in high school. This speech became so popular that I would find my friends coming over to get the speech before partaking in something daring.
My mother has talked and supported women through break-ups, dating, pageants, moves, new beginnings, family struggles, health issues, and, above all, doubts. She always thought of others before herself and it breaks my heart to know that some of these favors she offered were never returned when my brother was diagnosed with cancer, when my dad lost his job, or when she just needed someone to talk to, but my mother is not one of THOSE women.

Kim Wiley is the original Wiley Woman. She is Strong, Beautiful, and Confident. She ever gives up or settles. When she faces an obstacle she doesn’t run away or duck out, she faces it head on and makes it out with the poof standing tall. I am proud to have her as an example in my life and I strive to be like her.

Happy Birthday Mom! You have been my Best Friend and one of the few people I can always count on…I know your kinda stuck with me, but thank you for putting up with all that the years have offered. You are my confidant, my idea sounding board, you have made me laugh, cry, and you popped my Pedicure Cherry! I love you so much and I hope your day is as amazing as you are!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

Every girl dreams of her Dream Wedding and, even more, her Dream Man! One year ago today my Dream Duo became a Reality! I am so blessed to have Brice in my life. I can truly say I married my best friend! Everyday is a new adventure and although we are still waiting to take our Traditional Honeymoon I feel as though we are still on one blissfully!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Our Oregon Home!

Well Finally Brice and I have taken a break from decorating our home to actually spend some time together. Even though the apartment is a work in progress, we have decided to finally fill in the cliff hanger of what our house looks like....!

The Family Room!

The Kitchen

Dining Room


More to Come as We Decorate for Holidays and add more to the house!

Til Next Time!

Team Hooley

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hooper Wedding #3

When I decided I wanted to be a Wedding Planner my reasoning was simple: I wanted to make sure everyone had a wonderful wedding day. The happiness, excitement, and memories that surround the joyous occasion of a wedding is astounding. I just love how no one can have a mad or unhappy face at a wedding. You look around and its nothing but smiles. It’s even better when youre looking at familiar family faces.

Two weeks ago Brice and I were able to take time off and go back to Utah for a Hooper Family Wedding. It was great to see all the family and friends that have been accumulated by the Hoopers over the years, but it was even better to see Anson and Laura sealed for time and all eternity.
Laura we are so happy that you are now a Hooper. We love you so much and you are just perfect for Anson. Anson, Congrats! You picked an amazing girl! We hope your lives together are everything you could have ever dreamed of.

Til Next Time!
Team Hooley

Friday, August 5, 2011

Vacation: All I've Ever Wanted....HaHa Youre Singing the Song Now Aren't Ya?

When I was 9 Years Old my Dance Company took a big Company Trip from Spanish Fork, Utah to California. I spent months fundraising, planning, practicing, and attending every dance class so I would shine during my performance at Disneyland. The trip was grand! I flew for the first time, I danced my little heart out, and I rode every ride I possibly could and stayed until midnight in the pool goofing around with my friends. Coming back was something I never even thought about, until I was laying in my bed at home the day after getting back. I was depressed! I remember being in Anderson Lumber (the Utah equivalent of Lowes, back in the day) and “It Must Have Been Love” by Roxette came over the speakers and in my 9 year old state of Disneyland Depression I changed the lyrics to “It Must Have Been Fun…” and I continued to sing that song with much passion. Even though I think that has been the lowest I have come in a Post-Vacation Depression, its not to say that I still don’t get them.

Since Brice and I didn’t take our honeymoon (we needed to get started at work) and we haven’t really had a lot of money to take a vacation we were thrilled when my family invited us to accompany them to Sun River Resort. Sun River is one of Oregons most popular resort sites. While staying there you are assigned a cabin, you have a choice of two pools to play at, there are hiking trails, biking trails, a spa, shopping areas, white water rafting, golf, and amazing food (I mean come on, they had sushi and salmon at BREAKFAST). We got all of this for FREE!!! So yeah we were on board. Leading up to our departure we worked 11 shifts STRAIGHT! From Saturday until Friday, we didn’t have a single day off. By Wednesday, we were counting down hours. (Thank you to all those who kept us positive during those crazy days, we love you all!)
After a weekend filled with Riding Bikes Around Oregons Grand Scenery, Golfing without a hat, Getting my Vocation worked out of my back, Delicious Food, and Being Reminded how a little time away can do a lot I felt my Post-Traveling Troubles come back to me early Monday Morning. It makes me realize how much work and household duties drag down our schedules.
One of my New Years Resolutions was to “learn something new everyday.” My recent epiphany: Don’t let yourself loose track of time because one day you will look back on every moment and in a lonely lumber store you will feel the passion to sing to an old tacky 80s song. Life is a Vacation!

Til Next Time!
Team Hooley!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What Is A Hooley?

Hooley: (Who-Lee) n. A “Portmanteau word” using the names Hooper and Wiley.

Hooper: (Who-Per) m. Strong, Determined, Hard Working, a Mans man!

Wiley: (Why-Lee) f. Confident, Determined, Happy, and Keeping Class while kicking some….butt!

I don’t know where it started: Brangelina, Zanessa, Bennifer…I guess it doesn’t matter. When Brice and I first started dating, we wanted to create a couple name. We went through everything. Briff sounded like a symptom to a chronic butt itch and Trice, well it sounded like a side effect to the prescription for butt itch. So we went with last names, Whooper sounded great, but just in case Burger King found out about it, we decided to go the other way…ergo Hooley! Since then we have been known as Team Hooley! Even after we have been married for almost a year, we have kept the name.

I realize that it has been almost a year since I last blogged about our little team, but it has been a crazy couple months leading from last summer up until now. Gladly I can say we are making our way back onto the scene Stronger and Happier than ever. For those who don’t know we are now living in Tigard, Oregon, a little suburb of Portland, Oregon. Since our move just over a month ago we have been greatly blessed. Upon meeting with my new work location my new boss asked what my husband was doing for work, when I informed her that he was in the parking lot and we were running around interviewing she promptly invited him in, interviewed him, and offered him a job. After only a week of living in Oregon we both had jobs and I was working.
On June 11th we moved into our first above ground apartment. Complete with new carper, new vinyl, countertops, and ,thanks to everyone who helped, paint we were so excited to start this life. Now we fill our days off with trying to “Grow Into” our new place, we are having too much fun!

The Summer is flying by. Already almost half way through July and we are just realizing how much longer we have until School Starts and The Leaves Start Falling Again. Luckily for us we have a few weekend plans, a couple days at the beach, a few more Midnight Movies, a wedding, and an Anniversary weekend to look forward to and keep the summer alive.

Team Hooley is out to be strong, determined, happy, and Keeping class while, well you know the deal, while going through all life has to offer. We are first a team and we will act as such. I love my husband and I love my life and I cannot wait to see what else is to come.

American reknown writer Dennis Waitley once said, “Losers live in the past. Winners learn from the past and enjoy working in the present toward the future”. Amen Mr. Waitley, AMEN!

Pictures of our Home Soon To Come!!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010


I love the fall! The colors, the smells, even the taste. I love that first day you notice a slight chill in the air and your heart does a little jump in excitement, you run to your closet to pull out that cashmere sweater that still smells of last years long walks. Perhaps my favorite thing about this years fall is the cold nights. Instead of all those years of waking up a little chilly and running to the closet to pull out a blanket, I get to roll over and whisper into the sexy man laying next to me, “Hey I’m cold can you warm me up”. There is nothing better than beating the cold with the warmth of love (In fact that’s the only reason, that as women, we agree to going on campouts).